Commercial Agreements

At PERACTO LEGAL, we lend legal assistance in matters of drafting commercial contracts and agreements in accordance to the terms of the legal framework of India. We eye on drafting agreements and contracts to maintain the effectiveness as well as flexibility in business and corporate environment by employing our expertise in the field of contracts and agreements in India.
We as a commercial agreement law firm in India, have a team of professionals that are specialized in drafting as well as analyzing and vetting all kinds of commercial agreements; further incorporating in them all the needful aspects relating to the various industries as mentioned below:
i. Legal Vetting of Documents & Agreements
ii. Due-Diligence Advisory & Implementation
iii. Service Contracts & Agreement
iv. Distributorships & Sales agreements
v. Joint Ventures & Back to Back Agreements
vi. Intellectual property and license agreements
vii. Job work & Outsourcing agreements
viii. Tender Agreements
ix. Licensing agreements
x. Non-Disclosure Agreements
xi. Marketing Agreements
xii. Non-Disclosure Agreements
xiii. Loan licensee Agreements
xiv. Government & Public Agreement
xv. Supply & Service Composite Agreement
xvi. Arbitration Agreements
xvii. Bank Guarantee Agreements
xviii.Technical Consultancy
xix. Safeguard Agreements
xx. Compromise Agreements
xxi. Warranty Agreements
xxii. Technology transfer Agreement
xxiii. Non-Competing Agreements
xxiv. Annual Maintenance Contract

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