NRI Legal services


NRI Legal services includes:
♦  Criminal Litigation (Bails and Trials)
♦  Public Interest Litigations
♦  Adoptions and Custody
♦  Matrimonial Disputes
♦  Landlord & Tenant Disputes
♦  Matters relating to Right in Ancestral Property
♦  Matters relating to Illegal Occupation of Property
♦  Partition of Property
♦   FIR Quashing
♦  Wills & Probate
♦  Drafting &  Conveyance of Legal Documents
♦  Drafting and Registration of Wills, Power of Attorneys, Agreement to Sell, etc.
♦  Translation of Legal Documents
♦  Evaluation of Property/Land for any purpose
♦  Due Diligence

Case Consultation